Julien Romero, PhD in Computer Science

I am Julien Romero. I am currently an Associate professor at Télécom SudParis, in the team ACMES. I did my postdoc at the Max Planck Institute. I obtained my PhD in computer science at Telecom Paris, under the supervision of Fabian Suchanek and Nicoleta Preda.

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Main Projects

  • Explainable job recommendation with graphs (CIFRE)
  • Medical Assistant (CIFRE)
  • Explainable Financial Time Series Forecasting
  • Extraction and exploitation of knowledge from large language models
  • Automatic harvesting of commonsense knowledge at scale (link)
  • Discovery of Complex Schemas for RDF Knowledge Bases (link)
  • Pyformlang (link)


  • [08.23] Our paper Tackling Cold Start For Job Recommendation With Heterogeneous Graphs was accepted at RecSys In HR.
  • [07.23] Our paper Mapping and Cleaning Open Commonsense Knowledge Bases with Generative Translation was accepted at ISWC 2023. (pdf)
  • [10.22] Our paper Do Children Texts Hold The Key To Commonsense Knowledge? was accepted at EMNLP 2022.
  • [09.22] Our paper Refined commonsense knowledge from large-scale web contents was accepted at TKDE (website)
  • [09.21] Start as an associate professor at Telecom SudParis
  • [10.20] Start as a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute
  • [10.20] Our paper Pyformlang: An Educational Library for Formal Language Manipulation was accepted at SIGCSE 2021 (code)
  • [10.20] I obtained my PhD in Computer Science entitled Harvesting Commonsense and Hidden Knowledge From Web Services (pdf, slides)
  • [10.20] Our workshop paper Query Rewritings On Path Views Without Integrity Constraints was accepted at Datamod 2020.
  • [08.20] Our demo paper Computing and Illustrating Query Rewritings on Path Views with Binding Patterns was accepted at CIKM 2020 (democode)
  • [08.20] Our demo paper Inside Quasimodo: Exploring Construction and Usage of Commonsense Knowledge was accepted at CIKM 2020 (democode)
  • [02.20] Our paper Equivalent Rewritings on Path Views with Binding Patterns was accepted at ESWC 2020 (slides, video)
  • [08.19] Our paper Commonsense Properties from Query Logs and Question Answering Forums was accepted at CIKM 2019 (slides)


Julien Romero

9 Rue Charles Fourier
91000 Évry-Courcouronnes

E-mail: firstname.familyname@telecom-sudparis.eu
URL: https://julienromero.fr