Today, I will show one of the project I did at Telecom Paris during my first year: BumpBand!

What is BumpBand exactly? It is a connected wristband with lights which allows you to enjoy your friend in the present moment. We realized that not much social networks put the physical link on the foreground. BumpBand creates a local and ephemeral social network putting the physical link at the first place of a relation.

How does it work? It is very easy. During an event, you have to “bump”, meaning touch someone else wristband with yours, to add him to your friend list. This list is then managed on an Android app. You can find a presentation (in french) on Youtube.

The project was made Opensource so everyone can use it. It can be found here.

In the given code, a party is implemented. One person is the administrator which represents the Bar and the dressing room.

The wristband emits light: for each event a color code can be created to make communication easier. For instance, for each drink you want to order, there can be a different color.

The wristband was done using a 3D printer so everyone can do its own.