Ludum Dare 37


Here is my entry for the Ludum Dare 37: IG/IRL.


Ludum Dare 36

Hi !

Here is my input for Ludum Dare 36: . It was done, alone, in 48 hours.

It is a puzzle game which will make you think 🙂 The theme of this game jam was “Ancient Technology”. I started from the idea that, a long time ago, machines were built with ropes and so, one should be able to manipulate them very easily.

Each rope has a special power that you need to guess 😉


First Ludum Dare


During summer 2015, I participated to my first Ludum Dare. I did a game all alone : It was a lot of fun, lot of problems also, but for 48 hours, I was quite happy. I challenged myself to write everything in Scala using LibGDX. Next time, I will use Game Maker to be able to build a prototype faster.