Ludum Dare 34


Here is my entry for the Ludum Dare 34. The themes were: Growing and Two buttons control. Enough to have fun for 48 hours. Here is the submission: or on my website:

This time, I went for Game Maker. I wanted to learn how to use it correctly before the Jam but I had not enough time so I learned on the fly. The truth is, as everything is quite intuitive once you get the first feature, the game was created rapidly. Compared to LibGDX, it is way faster to prototype, which makes the entire process funnier. As my knowledge of the software was limited, the project is not very clean, but well…

About graphics, I decided to try Promotion by Cosmigo. It is a software specialized in Pixel Art. Without being as complete as Photoshop, it is easy to use and some tools are very useful. Only the shortcuts are not intuitive but they can be configured.

For the sound, I went for SFXR and I was able to get a lot very quickly.

See you at the next LD,